May 2013

With a snowy March and April now behind us, May is here and feeling more like spring. How refreshing!

Millets are setting record high prices-about 4 times the usual farm price. The drought was very severe in millet growing areas last year resulting in 20% of a normal crop. We’re paying for it now! The spring snows the West have received are vastly improving prospects for a better millet crop in 2013. This should bring relief to the supply line and the prices. Millet can produce a crop with only 2 1/2 inches of timely rains, so it remains to be seen what this year will bring.

Safflower is an item to keep an eye on also. Since the drought cut the yield drastically last year, stocks are quite low. So far, the Nutra-Saff supply is still good. As customers catch on to its advantages, more and more is being sold. Without the hard shell, it has considerably less waste, and consequently 30% more energy than white safflower. The best part is, the big box stores are not offering it.

Peas, used in pigeon feeds, are scarce-particularly the Green Peas, Maple Peas, and the Austrian Winter Peas. Prices have been driven up because of exports.

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