Pigeon Feed Non-GMO Style

We have been mixing Des Moines Pigeon Feed since the 1950s. Blends of high-quality seeds are cleaned, graded and air-aspirated. Our grains must meet stringent nutritional standards. All seeds used in Des Moines Pigeon Feed are NON-GMO.

A customer shared with us on May 18, 2015. We have been flying pigeons for 50 years and this is the cleanest feed we have ever seen. It’s affordable they love it!!!

We offer an extensive selection of mixes, including No Peas mix, No Corn mixes, and With Corn mixes. Our non-GMO grains include Nutra Corn®, open-pollinated red dent corn, red flint corn and yellow popcorn. We stock three different nutritional levels of pigeon pellets to accommodate your feeding program.

The most sought after is Premium 22. The name comes from having 22 different grains in every bag. The list is Small Graded Nutra corn, Canadian Filed Peas, Hard Red Winter Wheat, Red Milo, White Milo, Safflower, Maple Peas, Austin Peas, Roasted Soybeans, Red Dent Corn, Hybrid Red Flint Corn, Lentils, White Proso Millet, Green Field Peas, Oats Groats, Brown Rice, Barley, Vetch, Flax, Hemp, Rape Seed, Red Proso Millet. Each of them is air cleaned. You can see the process at desmoinesfeed.com. It’s located on the home page.

Specialty mixes that are available to support your feeding program are Squab Builder, Top Form & Performance Treat and Rest & Recuperation for your racing team.

Our pigeon grit, manufactured in-house, includes chelated trace minerals, vitamins, and OMNI certified sea salt.

Over 19 grain mixes that we floor stock, we specialize in custom mixing. Absolute minimums and restrictions apply.


Chris Beach

V.P. of Sales and Marketing

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