January 2018 Newsletter

Amazing Customers,

Thank you, everyone, for all of your support this past year. Our goals have been to listen to your needs and gather information about how we can give better service to your business. We have made changes to our online freight weight calculator. Switched our website to Webspec, they have created a new focus for our customers. The customer’s voice is our focus for 2018. You will hear from our sales team. We are going to promote on dealer each month starting February. If you are interested in being a part of it, send us an email at sales@desmoinesfeed.com

How can we support your business? WEBSPEC can help create a custom website for your business. I encourage all of our customers to contact them to start the ball rolling. You have to change with the times. If you are still trying to advertise with a sign on a building, you are going to continue to decline for years to come. If you are going to grow, let’s get a site built for you.



Chris Beach

V.P. of Sales & Operations

Des Moines Feed Co.


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