About Us

About Us

The family at Des Moines Feed has been creating wild bird, pigeon, cage bird, and wildlife mixes since 1944. They are passionate about the business.

Online ordering:

Have you ever wanted an easy way to order the highest quality bird feed online?  We have that covered!

Custom Pigeon and Wild Bird Mixes

With our unique cleaning process and mixing equipment, together we can create your bird feeding experience.


The current owner Stan Holt has been in the business for over fifty years. He has helped solve some of the most difficult challenges with some of the largest seed companies in the country. This includes grinding and mixing of different ingredients.

Dealer Locator:

If you are wondering where to buy Des Moines Feed products, just type in a city, state or zip. It will send you to the nearest store or dealer.


If selling bird feed or individual ingredients is one of your passions, Des Moines Feed Co. can help. We offer food plots, cage bird feeds, pigeon feeds, premium and gourmet wild bird feed. Commodity products are available in larger sizes for easy shipping. This includes Almonds, Barley, Corn, Flax-seed, millet, milo, Nyjer seed 99.5%, peanuts and sunflower seeds.