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Warmer Temperatures:

The temperature has been predicted to go up in the coming months. We have been fortunate these past months with cooler temperatures. Related to storing feed and keeping it insect free. We are doing everything we can to reduce the life cycle in a natural way. Three things to consider doing to keep the grain free.

  1. Keep in a cool dry place.
  2. Use a container with some air movement.
  3. Don’t put the feed in your house, trunk of your car or in your car. Do your best to keep
    the feed at just below 72 degrees. The colder and drier the better for the feed.

Online Ordering:

We are always looking for ideas on how to improve the site. Our focus has been making the process easy. So when you think about ordering feed, it’s not a hassle. If we are not doing something you think we should be doing. Please reach out to us. We are going to listen and make the changes. Do you have any ideas for us?

Small Bags:

Many of you have asked about putting some of the current mixes in 5 – 10-pound bags. Ron is headed to Las Vegas this week to investigate equipment we could purchase to effectively do this to reduce the cost and pass the savings to our customers.

If you could have anything in a smaller bag?


Des Moines Feed Co. is committed to providing the highest quality of NON-GMO grains for our customers. We current offer Custom Mixed Feed, Pigeon Feed, Wild Bird FeedCage Bird Feed, Cleaned Commodities, Deer Food Plot, and Poultry Feed.

Marketing Your Business:

The team at Webspec website design has helped create several websites for our customers. The purpose is to attract new customers. Ones that have never been to the store. Ask yourself a serious question: what are you doing today to attract new customers? I am not talking about putting up a new display in the store. Adding a new product to your catalog. How do people find the business? We updated the site and did campaigns and found $300,000 worth of new business in the past year.