The bins at Des Moines Feed are full of NON-GMO. What are NON-GMOs? People ask this question a lot—genetically modified organism? What’s that you ask? Scientist uses chemicals and other pesticides to allow farmers to produce the grains faster and less work. You can visit the NON-GMO Project for additional information. Yes, the price for NON-GMO products is higher because the majority of the corn and such are GMO seeds today.

GMO = genetically modified organism.

In spite of what the major seed companies say and our government is telling us, we firmly believe glyphosate and AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid) is detrimental to our health and animal health, wild and domestic.

In keeping with many European countries as well as Australia, New Zealand, and other countries worldwide, we feel that there are many unanswered questions and insufficient testing. We have chosen to offer non-GMO grains as far as physically possible. Therefore, the majority of our products are non-GMO which we feel is healthier and more nutritious for your livestock and wildlife.