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Belmont feed & seed


Belmont Feed & Seed in Chicago, Illinois


The Belmont Feed & Seed Family

Belmont Feed & Seed is Chicago’s specialty store for people that keep Pigeons, Bees, Chickens, Small Birds, and other poultry and farm animals in an urban setting. Our store has been in business for over 25 years and the love we have for these hobbies have carried us through these years.
We are a family owned, very special and unique store located right in the City of Chicago. The reason our store is so special is because it carries an interesting variety of products for people that have decided to keep poultry, farm animals and bees in an urban setting. Our establishment and our increase is at the demand of a growing population of people that want to hold on to the special characteristics of humans to cultivate, reproduce and nurture animals. The bond between humans and animals has always been a mutually beneficial and powerful relationship that is considered essential to the health and well-being of both. This beautiful bond between humans and nature is what we and our customers are able to cherish by finding products to strengthen and increase this bond right here at our store. Over the years man-kind has become progressively further from the human-animal bond, however, there are a growing number of people that are longing to hold on to these virtues. We love to be here for those people.
We Are Here For You!
Whether you are a commercial breeder, a beekeeper, pigeon racer, or just a typical owner of some of these special pets, our goal is for you to have absolute confidence in the superior value that we offer at Belmont Feed & Seed
If your birds are for competition, or just for pleasure, it is important to us that when you see the shine in their eyes, and the obvious healthy vitality in their movements, you know that part of that happy bird’s condition is due to the years of careful study we pride ourselves at Belmont Feed & Seed Inc. You can always count on us for the best quality feeds, the greatest understanding of these special hobbies and the reliability of the products that we offer to keep these awesome and much needed pets.
Being a small business in this economy is tough so we thank all of our customers for their support through the many wonderful years we’ve had serving them.
To all of you, from all of us, thank you and be blessed, in the name of the Lord Jesus!
The Andronic Family

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At Des Moines Feed, we specialize in Non-GMO feed for wild birds, pigeons, cage birds, and wildlife. Many of our seeds are sourced from North America, while a few of the more exotic ones are from around the world. We have premium custom blends for pigeon racing, and sell bulk non-GMO commodities directly. For more product information please contact us. To order our great product in Chicago, and the surrounding area, contact Belmont Feed & Seed.