Food Plot Blend Fall Forage Wildlife

Food Plot
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Parkview Fall Forage Wildlife Food Plot Blend. Keep this away from where you intend to put up a stand. Deer will bed down in it. It’s great to plot where you are going to catch them coming back to bed down in the mornings and afternoon.

  • Intended to provide food for 4 years undisturbed
  • 10 different legumes provide a good variety for deer grazing
  • Excellent for Honeybees throughout the summer
  • A good soil amendment, providing nitrogen fixation
  • Varying plant height give ample cover for bird nesting
  • Does best in full sun, tolerates light shade
  • Excellent compliment to Parkview Deer & Game Annual Food Plot Blend


Plot Spike Forage Oats, Buckwheat, Winter Rye, Winter Wheat, Austrian Winter Peas, Dwarf - Essex Rape Seed, Purple - Top Turnip, Forage Turnip, Kale Rutabaga