Grass Seeding Information

Although a cool and damp spring, lawns and shrubs are greening up. Most noticeable is a fair amount of winter kill, due to extreme temperatures this past winter with relatively less snow cover in those areas. Ironically, the Southwestern wheat-growing areas are in extreme need of moisture. The hard red winter wheat yield expectations are steadily dropping. Time will tell.

The demand for our Parkview re-cleaned 99 1/2% pure Nyjer has increased dramatically. Beginning with 5% just months ago to over 60% usage compared to the usual 98% clean. The reception has been good with less waste, cleaner feeders, and best of all—more birds at the feeders. To reduce the Nyjer hulls under the feeders by half, offer our Des Moines Audubon Brand Nyjer & Hearts Mix. Finches love it!

Yes, we carry turf grasses and mixes, forage seeds and mixes, native grasses, and Parkview Wildlife Food Plot Blends. Custom mixing is no problem.