Des Moines Feed Co. Newsletter February 2019

The weather today is a sparkling 10 degrees. I may have seen a small penguin run past my office window. Temperatures last week got to as low was -21 degrees. Yes, we choose to live in Iowa. A customer told me last week the only good thing in Iowa is Pigeon feed. He may be on to something. This has caused shutdowns of field work for working fields. I like learning about new things and I would like to ask you to check out this site. See if you can email us back something you learned.

Reviewing our sales and growth from last year we are full steam ahead. The family is committed to growth and creating a sustainable future for the next generation. Stores continue to close and owners retire. Don’t worry, the sales team at Des Moines Feed is out scouting for new business. You will be happy to know we are selling into 38 states now. I must say that’s a far cry from when Leslie and I became part of the team.

I always like to know how we are doing and where things can improve. If you think of something, please send us a note at