Wild Bird Connection – Sioux Falls, SD

June 2018 Dealer of the Month

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Wild Bird Connection in Sioux Falls, South Dakota invites you to check out our great selection of wild bird feeding supplies and nature related gifts. We feature top quality bird feeders, premium seed mixes, squirrel feeders, bird houses, bird baths, feeder poles and hooks. We have many great gifts for any nature lover including decorative flags, wind chimes, wind spinners and other garden decor. We also carry field guides, CDs, DVDs and binoculars.

Wild Bird Connection Seed Mixes are the premium quality mixes that you will find at Wild Bird Connection. There are no fillers just quality seeds the birds will eat. Don’t settle for seed mixes which are filled with milo that the birds won’t eat. WBC mixes do not have milo! 17 seed mixes & individual seed choices to attract the largest variety of birds to your yard. We also carry ear corn for feeding the squirrels.

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At Des Moines Feed, we specialize in Non-GMO feed for wild birds, pigeons, cage birds, and wildlife. Many of our seeds are sourced from North America, while a few of the more exotic ones are from around the world. We have premium custom blends for pigeon racing, and sell bulk non-GMO commodities directly. For more product information please contact us. To order our great product in Nashville and the surrounding area, contact Backyard Bird Center.