Hilltop Feed & Seed – Wilmer, TX

September 2018 Dealer of the Month

Hilltop Feed Store, Wilmer, TX.

449 Geller Rd.
Phone: 972-441-6119

Store Hours:
8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday


Established in 1977, Hilltop Feed Store is very successful due to Richard’s vast knowledge of veterinarian medicine and nutrition. He never stops learning and gathering information from the best pharmaceutical labs in North and South America. He is always on the cutting edge of modern technology. Richard is known world wide for giving his guidance. Here on the “Hill” he is known as the “Witch Doctor.” No sport can be higher than the class of people that support it. Do your part to popularize cocking.

Welcome to Richard Roundtree’s Hilltop Feed Store! Richard Roundtree is an avid cocker growing in the family tradition of his grandfather and great grandfather. He has had many great influences, Clint Jacobs, Jack O’Brien, Hank Gardner, Billy Bob Taylor, Ray Hoskins, Floyd Gurley, Bobby Boles, and the list goes on.

Richard completed the Mike Ratliff Cocker School. He has learned from the best and has complied his own style for training, feeding, and handling. Using the “proven” methods of the past along with the “best” of modern medicine and technology.


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At Des Moines Feed, we specialize in Non-GMO feed for wild birds, pigeons, cage birds, and wildlife. Many of our seeds are sourced from North America, while a few of the more exotic ones are from around the world. We have premium custom blends for pigeon racing, and sell bulk non-GMO commodities directly. For more product information please contact us. To order our great product in Wilmer and the Dallas metro, contact Hilltop Feed & Seed.