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backyard bird center in Kansas City, Missouri


Backyard Bird Center in Kansas City, MO


Store History

The Backyard Bird Center’s origins have to be looked at from two different directions. The retail store itself was founded by Dale Beuhl in the late 80s. His original shop was located in downtown Parkville. Dale built the business and moved it a couple of times before settling into the Picture Hills shopping center off of Hwy 45. Dale’s back problems convinced him to sell the business in 1999 to John and Carol Phillips. John and Carol modernized the business systems, changed the name to the Backyard Bird Center and moved it to the Boardwalk Square Shopping Center.

In December of 2001 Mark was shopping for a Christmas present at the Noggin Noodle toy store that was located in Boardwalk Square when he saw the Backyard Bird Center sign. He decided to stop in and “check it out.” He purchased an adjustable deck arm, but more than that, he struck up a conversation about the business with John and Carol. As he was leaving, he gave John a business card and assured him that if they ever thought about selling that he and his wife may be interested.

“I must have been pretty convincing because I got a call from John the next day.” Mark and Melanie McKellar turned the key on the door as owners on March 1, 2002. The About Mark section has a more detailed biography but given Melanie’s background as an accountant and Mark’s background as a Wildlife Biologist, they thought they made a pretty good team.

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