Chicago Board of Trade Info and Food Plot

While we had a few hot days in Iowa in July, the average temperature was actually reasonably mild for July: 69.2 degrees. The record coolest July was set in 2009 at 67.7 degrees for Iowa.

Crops are generally looking pretty good. Prices on the Chicago Board of Trade have fallen recently partly in the anticipation of a bountiful harvest. We still look first at the nutritional value and quality of the grain before we buy. We do pay more to obtain the standard of quality we offer. We believe it’s very important to offer non-GMO grains.

Now is the time to plant fall forage plots. Prepare the ground, sow the seed, and cover it with 1/4” of soil for best results. It does need rain for a good start. The latter part of the month and until about September 15 in our area is the optimum time to plant turf grass seed, new or over-seeding. Again watering is very important.