The USDA government report came out June 30 reporting acres planted. While there is a record high of 84.8 millions acres of soybeans, there is also more acres of sunflower and flax being planted this year. That’s good! But we’ve also seen about a million acres of crops destroyed by hail, flooding, and tornadoes in the Midwest. No crop is certain until it’s safely in the bin!

Yes, you can assure your customers that our grains are 98% non-GMO. More and more research is coming to light proving non-GMO (not Genetically Modified Organisms) grain is much healthier and safer to eat whether for humans or animals. By definition, GMO grains contain foreign elements and herbicides (Glyphosate) detrimental to our digestive and neurological systems. While the cost is a little higher for non-GMO grain, what price can you put on good health?