March 2014

Another snow and more cold for the Midwest. And California and the Southwestern U.S. are facing severe drought. It seems the length and severity of this winter is impacting the price of sunflowers. Final crop report figures show the 2013 sunflower harvest down 20%. This in turn is forcing the hullers and processors to bid higher for their needed supply. Sunflower hearts are in short supply. We expect to see tight sunflower supplies this summer up to harvest. Contracts for this spring’s planting are definitely higher. We hope more acres get planted this year.

Good white, bright safflower is in short supply already. Some bird feed manufacturers are adding the darker, stained safflower to their mixes. What do your customers prefer? By the same token, good white proso millet is selling at a premium to the stained millet discolored by all the moisture (snow and rain) at harvest.

We are working hard to keep our customers supplied, in spite of the product shortages, severe storms and cold, and tight availability of trucks.