Premium 22 Pigeon Feed

Winter and the cold is on us. Snow forces the wild birds to the feeders more than just cold temperatures as such. We’re hoping the lower grain prices this year will encourage more bird feeding. As an interesting reminder—there are about 50 times the number of birds on our planet as humans. The birds that are visiting our feeders through the winter are also devouring literally tons of insects throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Our Parkview Re-cleaned Niger Seed is fast becoming a popular item for our dealers. With less stems, dust, dirt, and immature seeds, it is more appealing to the finches, besides cleaner in the feeders. At just pennies more per pound, it is a real bargain!

In our Des Moines Pigeon Feed line, we are introducing a new “Premium 22” mix. Made with Nutra Corn® and our red corns, it will work for most varieties except the short-beaked birds. Comprised of 22 different grains, there is less chance of waste. We would appreciate any feedback on i