Fancy in shell Peanut Price to Remain Fairly Firm

Harvest is moving along, some areas of the country much slow-er than anticipated. In the west, the early snow storms have really done more damage than you would expect. The un-harvested crops have been affected, the cattle herds greatly reduced at some ranches, and the farmers’ plans completely changed. This will, in turn, affect the price of sunflower seed, millet, safflower, peas, and flax. It remains to be seen what is actually recoverable and harvested.

Peanuts are pretty well harvested and the growers have some firm statistics. Although not a large crop, at least we are being offered some. Expect the ‘Fancy’ in- shell peanut price to remain fairly firm. We don’t handle the poorer grades often offered for wildlife feeding. They are usually small, immature, stained, and the thin shells break easily in shipping and handling.