August 2013

Here we are, the year half over. Oats are harvested and the new rye and wheat crops are coming in. Some prices are beginning to soften, which is a relief.

While the winter wheat crop was a bit disappointing and less rye than originally expected, the crops overall in the U.S. are doing better than last year. Some areas in the Midwest are badly needing rain, while the crops in the northern states and Canada need heat to grow and mature. An early freeze this fall could be especially damaging. Did someone say something about “Global Warming”?

The fall wildlife food plots should be prepared and planted this month. Our Parkview® Fall Forage blend contains a variety of brassicas, Buck Forage® Oats, plus winter wheat and winter rye for grazing this fall as well as next spring. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more brochures on our food plot blends. We offer custom mixing as well, for specific requests.

The latter part of August to the 15th of September is the optimum time to plant grass seed. Whether sowing for new sod, over-seeding, or filling in patches, turf experts recommend late summer to early fall. The weather is more moderate, the nights are cooler, and rain usually more plentiful. For best results, apply a light feeding of fertilizer.