The USDA’s Report on Acres Planted

Here’s July—and we’re seeing this spring’s youngsters at the feeders. Be sure your customers are keeping their feeders clean and free of mold—there’s been so much rain this spring. Clean out wet or clumpy grain and keep it dry and fresh for the birds’ health sake.

The USDA’s report on acres planted came out last Friday. It shows corn, soybeans, wheat, milo, millet, and stripe sunflower acres are the same as last year or higher. Less acres planted include peanuts, oil sunflower, safflower, flax, canary seed, and canola. Some fields are too wet to get into to plant, particularly in North Dakota and parts of Canada. This involves thousands of acres and may mean nothing harvested from them because it is getting too late in the season to have time to grow a crop. This is a concern.

We want to remind our customers who have their own custom mixes, please allow at least an extra 2 days notice when ordering them. It helps to keep our mixing schedule running smoothly and efficiently.