Yes it is non-GMO, it has not been genetically modified

June is here, generally wet in the Midwest, some flooding, and a few storms and devastating tornadoes. The drought of last summer is certainly over! There’s lots of acres still waiting

to be planted. We need every acre possible to replenish our supplies in this country.

We’ve had inquiry as to our corn. Yes it IS non-GMO; it has not been genetically modified. While we pay a premium for it, we feel justified it is in the best interest of our customers and the well being of the birds and wildlife. Rest assured, whether Shelled Corn or any Parkview Cracked Corn, it is a safe and healthy food for wildlife. The same goes for most of our grains. It’s something most feed manufacturers don’t even take into consideration.

We want to remind our customers who have their own custom mixes, please allow at least an extra 2 days notice when ordering them. It helps to keep our mixing schedule running smoothly and efficiently.