Less Mess

The NYSE was closed October 29 and 30. This was the first time the exchange suspended operations for two consecutive days due to weather since the 1888 blizzard.

This Mississippi River’s water level is getting dangerously low between St. Louis, MO and Cairo, IL. In Kansas, they’ve had no precipitation to help the winter wheat crop this year. These are the worst crop conditions in 27 years and consequently the wheat futures have risen 32% this year.

The blizzard in North Dakota on November 9 and 10 caused concern as to the unharvested sunflower. The misty, damp weather had prevented the farmers getting in-to the field to finish harvest. Consequently about 4% (estimated) of the sunflower acres there may take a hit in yield.

Interest continues to grow and spread in the NutraSaff. Although not a “no mess”, it is definitely “less mess” and higher protein and energy than the traditional white safflower. For greater acceptability when first offering it, mix 1/2 and 1/2 with white safflower. Some have gotten good reception with a new feeder in a new location mixing 1/3 oil sunflower, 1/3 NutraSaff, and 1/3 white safflower. After the birds are acquainted with it, drop the oil sunflower and cut back on the white safflower.

Lastly, did you know if woodpeckers did the shopping, their first preference is almonds? This was observed by an Audubon Society member in the mid 1980’s offering a smorgasbord of a variety of different nuts and grains in separate feeders. That’s why our popular Des Moines Audubon Brand Woodpecker Blend is formulated 50% almonds!

Happy selling in the holiday season of 2012!